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Eye Glasses


At Dr. Bradley C. Parsons, PC we provide comprehensive vision and eye health examinations. Visit any one of our offices each conveniently located next to Lens Crafters serving Coralville - Iowa City, Cedar Rapids, Dubuque, and Cedar Falls. Our complete health examinations provide early detection of glaucoma, cataracts, retinal disease, diabetic eye disease, and other ocular diseases, including dilation and OPTOS Retinal Imaging when indicated. Patients know that we are their primary care providers for any eye condition including infections, allergies, dry eyes, eye diseases, and injury. Our Doctors also provide referral services to local experts including the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics.​ Call us today to schedule an appointment with one of our knowledgeable Doctors.


Disease Management, Treatment and Diagnosis​

Our Doctors are extensively trained to treat eye infections, allergies, and many other eye diseases. We provide early detection for eye diseases and can recommend a course of action and treatment. If needed we will refer you to our network of specialists.



We perform consultations for dry eyes, cataracts, keratoconus, glaucoma, and LASIK services. We are affiliated with highly respected leaders in ophthalmology, including cataract, cornea, and retina specialists. We refer to surgeons with the most extensive surgical experience.​

Video Call


We are offering tele-optometry options at our Dubuque and Cedar Falls locations. Tele-optometry allows us to treat our patients via a secure online communication system. As a patient, you will be seen in our offices and our highly trained staff will assist the Doctor in communicating with you via real-time video. The Doctor will also be operating some of the equipment remotely. If further evaluation is needed the Doctor will refer you to be seen by our in-person Doctor. Contact us today to book your tele-optometry appointment.



Our Doctors have fit thousands of patients successfully with contact lenses. We have relationships with many companies, including custom soft lenses used for military pilots. The best choice for you is one that makes you "20/HAPPY." Which lens is this?

Youth Basketball Team

sports contact lenses

Altius contact lenses are specifically designed for sportswear and can help protect your eyes and also enhance your vision. They are 100% compatible with all sports protective gear and provide unobstructed views during tough play. Contact us today to learn more about contacts for sports.



Our Coralville - Iowa City, Cedar Rapids, Dubuque, and Cedar Falls offices are located next to LensCrafters and provide a wide selection of frames including designer eyewear. With an A.B.O. trained management team, thousands of stylish frame choices, customizable lens options, and experienced lab staff, your eyewear will be precisely made in a timely manner.


Optos Retinal Imaging

OPTOS is a retinal scanning laser that provides extensive wide-field digital images of the inside of your eyes.

Corneal Refractive Therapy (CRT)

Are concerned that your child's prescription is changing rapidly? CRT may help slow the progression. Dr. Parsons was one of the first in Iowa and has worked with hundreds of patients. Visit for more info.

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